Ground last storage result type (Water Overlay)

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¹ the units between () are as displayed in the 3D client. If exported to GeoTiff the SI-convention is used: meters (m) and seconds (s).


  • This result type requires the Ground water mode to be set to INFILTRATION_ONLY, or to COMPLETE.
  • The displayed result is the height of the water column below the surface. It is the sum of the amount water in the saturated zone and the unsaturated zone, where the amount is represented as the water column. This value can be used to validate water balances and comparisons with values such as water on surface, rain, bottom boundary flow and evaporation.
  • In the ground, water in the unsaturated zone is assumed to be equally spread across the entire height of the unsaturated zone.
  • To obtain the amount of water in the saturated zone, the Water datum height is converted using the surface datum height, the bottom distance and the water storage percentage.

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