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After reading this page:

  • you've learned what a GeoTIFF is.
  • you've learned how to create a GeoTIFF file.
  • you've learned how to upload GeoTIFF data into the Tygron Platform.

What is a GeoTIFF

GeoTIFF is a file format for geographical raster data. It is an image file format, especially for Geo data. In the file format, specific metadata for Geo data is included, such as the CRS (Coordinate Reference System) and the spatial extent. Also other metadata, common for raster data are included such as the resolution, pixel size and an optional no data value.

How to create a GeoTIFF file

Any Geo Data (vector or raster) can be transformed to a GeoTIFF file. Keep in mind that when having vector data, only one attribute can be used for the raster data, since a raster dataset consists of pixels or cells with one value and optional a color value. Transforming geo data can be done with for example a GIS (Geographical Information System).


The following requirements for a GeoTIFF file apply:

  1. The file should have a CRS defined, for the Platform to properly translate the coordinates to the right location.
  2. The file should have a resolution
  3. The file should have a pixel size
  4. The file should have a spatial extent

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