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GeoJSON is a file format for geographical data. It is a simple text-based format which can be read by humans, but also by computers. Any Geo Dataset in another format can be converted to the GeoJSON file format.

How to create a GeoJSON file

To convert a Geo Dataset to a GeoJSON a GIS (Geographical Information System) can be used. ArcGIS Desktop is one example. An open-source alternative is QGIS.

  • Go to the documentation for ArcGIS
  • Go to the documentation for QGIS

Also take a look at the data preparation page for considerations and tips regarding importing geo data.


The GeoJSON file must conform to a number of prerequisites before it can be loaded properly. Files which do not conform to these prerequisites may not be loaded properly by the Tygron Platform. The requirements are:

  • The file must be saved in GeoJSON format
  • The file must have a CRS (Coordinate Reference System) defined
  • The file must use character encoding UTF-8.
  • All desired attributes must be numerical, so that they can be loaded as valid attribute values. Attributes with text values are ignored when attempting to load them as attributes. See for steps, this page.

How to import GeoJSON file

Use the Geo Data Wizard for importing the created file. Select in step 1 the first option: Import a GeoJSON file and follow the steps in the wizard.