How to import a foliage height GeoTIFF

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How to import a foliage height GeoTIFF:
  1. Add the Heat Stress overlay.
  2. Open the Configuration Wizard.
  3. Choose the DPRA model.
  4. Proceed and in step 3 choose Use a foliage height GeoTIFF.
  5. In step 3.1 choose select a foliage height GeoTIFF.
  6. Click on the Import button.
  7. In the new panel that pops up, import your GeoTIFF. When the file is uploaded, click on the Apply button.
  8. Proceed with the Heatstress Configuration Wizard.


  • The GeoTIFF needs to contain the foliage height, relative to the terrain height. Use a value of 0, <0 or a nodata value for the pixels where there is no foliage.
  • The height of the already present tree Buildings are ignored when choosing to import and use the foliage height GeoTIFF.

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