Visualize levee breach from water body outside project area use case (Water Overlay)

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When a levee breaks water is free to flow through the breach and onto otherwise dry land. There are multiple ways of simulating a breach in a levee.

This scenario assumes the water body from which water will flow through the levee is either too large to fit in the project area, or is not present in the data of the project for other reasons.


The use-case can be implemented/completed through the following steps.

How to visualize a breach:

  1. Add a Flooding Overlay.
  2. Configure the Overlay with a basic hydrological system.
  3. Add a Result type of type 'Surface last value' to the Overlay (if the result type was not yet present).
  4. Either manually add a breach with external area attributes to the project, or import a breach with external area attributes.
  5. Ensure the Overlay is (re)calculated.
  6. Inspect the 'Surface last value' result.
  7. Select the 'play' option in the Overlay's legend. The animation will show the flow of the water from the breach.


Multiple breaches can be added to the same project, by repeating the step for adding breaches to the project.