How to add a breach with external area manually

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How to add a breach with an external area to a Flooding Overlay manually:

  1. Add an Area to the project. This will be the breach area.
  2. Draw the breach area in the 3D world, in the location where the water should from the breach should emerge.
  3. Add an Attribute to the created Area, with the breach height attribute name.
  4. Open the Overlay's wizard.
  5. Continue to the step concerning breaches.
  6. Set the values of external area, external water level, and external surface level.
  7. The configuration wizard of the Flooding Overlay can now be closed.


Currently, it is only feasible to create a breach with an external area via the configuration wizard, requiring the Flooding Overlay specifically.

If the Water Overlay you are adding the breach to has a changed key for the breach height (or any other attributes of the breach), make sure that the Attribute you add to the Area has the name the key is set to.