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In the Tygron Platform, a Project refers to the collection of data relevant to a specific area and use-case. Each project consists of data such as:

In most Projects, this data would mirror a real-world situation, and as such would represent the conditions and constraints of all simulations and interactions which a user may perform.

Interacting with a Project

All Projects are stored by the Tygron Platform as static data. As a user, it is possible to interact with a Project by starting a Session. When a Session of any kind is started, the Tygron Platform reads the Project data and uses it to create a live session, accessible to the user and optionally other users within his/her domain. In a Session, the user can interact with the data. When the Session is closed, all the data in the Session is discarded. If the data has not explicitly been saved, the original Project is unaffected, and again starting a Session based on the same Project will yield the same initial data as the previous Session started with.


Access and adjustment rights to a project can be configured as followed:

  • Project owner:
  • Domain users: Whether users within your domain are allowed to access your project.
  • Tygron Platform Support: whether you allow Tygron Platform support employees access your project to provide support or identify issues encountered in your project.

These rights allow you to both start a session for a project as joining a live session of this project. There are three options for adjustment:

  • Write: Write access to the project. These users are allowed to start and save during a project session.
  • Read: Read access to the project. Users with this accessibility option are not allowed to save the project. They can adjust the project when in a live session that the owner started with write access. When the owner saves the project data, the adjustments made by read-access users will also be included in the project.
  • None: No access to the project. Note that a project owner always has access to a project.

Please note that a project can only be editing by one session at a time. It is not possible to have multiple editing sessions on the same project. In such case, you have to save a project under a new name. In this case the projects will be two separate entities from that moment on.

Template Project

Projects can be designated as "Template". Templates can be used as a blueprint to create new Projects. This is done by creating a copy of the Template Project, removing all geographical data from it, and allowing the user to select a new location for the new Project.