Domain Admin (User Account Type)

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The Domain Admin account has the highest access level available to end users of the Tygron Platform. This account has all the options of the Editor account plus the options to manage all the users in the domain, manage the available projects within the domain, manage the active sessions within the domain and the license for the domain.

With this account type users can:

  • Sessions (if the owner of the project permits access):
    • Start a new session in single user mode
    • Start a new session in multi user mode
    • Start a new session in editor mode
    • Join a multi user session
    • Join an editor session
    • Resume saved single user session
    • Resume saves multi user session
  • Projects:
    • Create new projects
    • Delete own projects
    • Change owner of any project in the domain
    • Recover recently deleted projects
  • Users (for all users in domain):
    • Add new users to the domain
    • Edit details of any user in the domain (except password)
    • Change password of own user
    • Remove users from the domain
  • Subdomains (for all subdomains in domain):
    • Create subdmains
    • Assign users to subdomains
    • Delete subdomains
  • Further access to:
    • Terminate any running session in the domain
    • Hardware test
    • Legal notices
    • Log out


  • Creation of new projects is only possible when the domain license allows it.
  • This is the only user type who can take over other user's projects and override the permissions set by the original owner. This is therefor also the only user type that can edit or delete the projects of other users, regardless of their creators' or owners' settings.
  • If a project is read-accessible by this user, changes can be made in the session which change the way the project functions, but those changes cannot be saved by the user. (They can be saved by another user in the same session, if that other user has write permissions for that project.)