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After reading this page:

  • you've learned what a project session is.
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  • you've learned how to prepare a project session.
  • you've learned what a typical project session scenario looks like.
  • you've learned a typical project session scenario.

A Project Session is a session in which users take on the role of a stakeholder and, by interacting with the project, explore and discuss possible outcomes of a given topic. A project session is often managed by a facilitator. An example of a project session is a session with the Climate Game.

What is the function of a Project Session

After the Design Phase the project is ready to be used by the stakeholders involved in the chosen topic. By interacting with the project during a session the stakeholders involved gain deeper insight in the topic being discussed, the different stakeholders involved, their objectives, the challenges they face and how important different topics are to different stakeholders.

Preparing the hardware and preparing the Project Session

To start the session as smoothly as possible, a good preparation is essential. When everything is in place and the technology is up and running, this is the first step towards a great experience for your users.

Preparion session.jpg

Session Preparation Steps

To prepare your session the following steps are advised:

  • Prepare the hardware
  • Use the Session Check-list below to see if you have all hardware available

Prepare the Hardware

Main article: Requirements.

The Tygron Platform is regularly updated. It is advised to do the hardware preparation a week prior to the session. This step can be taken some time before the session actually takes place.

Session Check-list

  • Wireless Network
  • Enough power adapters
  • Laptops for the number of stakeholders present in your project (For example, the Climategame has 4 stakeholders)
  • 1 Laptop for the Session Host
  • Enough mice for all laptops
  • Prepared laptops (make sure updates are installed and the Tygron Platform is downloaded on the laptop)
  • Also check out the project session checklists

Hosting the session

  • Set up the laptops
  • Connect them all to the wifi
  • Login all computers on the Tygron Platform
  • Host the Session by starting the Administrator
  • Invite the users
Layout the laptops

Session start 2018.jpg

Layout the laptops similar to the above image.

Connect all laptops to the Wifi

Connect all laptops to the Wifi.

Login all computers to the Tygron Platform

Login all laptops to before proceeding to the next step.

How to log on:

  1. Go to and login with your username and password
  2. You will proceed to the main screen
Start the Administrator on the Session-Host laptop

Once all laptops have been logged in to the Tygron Platform, the Administrator needs to be started from the Session-Host laptop.

How to start the Administrator on the Session-Host laptop:

  1. Choose 'Multi-user session'
  2. Choose 'Start New Session'
  3. Choose the project you want to start ('Climategame' for example)
  4. Select the amount of sessions (1 to 4 sessions)
  5. The administrator application will load
  6. The administrator of the session is now ready
  7. After connecting the users press play to make the continue button available and start the session
Invite users

How to invite users:

  1. The number of teams and the computers that are logged on the the Tygron Platform are visible on the Host Laptop.
  2. Session Host Laptop: Invite the users, by clicking the '1' in the Administrator (or a higher number for each additional team to which a laptop should be added)
  3. User Laptop: Accept the invitation from the User laptop
  4. User Laptop: The user laptop starts loading
  5. User laptop: Ready for use

Facilitating the Session

Typical session.jpg See the Climate Game facilitator manual for an example of how to facilitate a session:

There are also some suggestions in the section for educational organizations on our Forum: Tygron Community Forum on Education

For EDU-account: student login

For users with an EDU or free-EDU license there is the possibility to add a user account for students with the only objective to join sessions

  • As a domain manager, add a new user in the Users menu of the Platform
  • Use '' as a user name, where xxxx is your educational organization
  • You can set a password to your liking by clicking 'change student user password'
  • You can share this password with students, it only gives them rights to join the session you choose

Change student password.png

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