Join Only (User Account Type)

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The Join Only account type is the account type with the lowest access level. When using this type, the user can only join, or be invited to a session. Within the domain at least one Host Session account type must be available, to be able to host sessions where Join Only accounts can be joined to. The user can only perform a minimum of actions.

With this account type users can:

  • Sessions (if the owner of the project permits access):
    • Join a multi user session
  • Users (for own user only):
    • Change password of own user
  • Further access to:
    • Hardware test
    • Legal notices
    • Log out


  • A special join only account can be created by education institutes for use by students, of which the password can (only) be changed by domain admins in the same domain. The account name should be formatted as "student@<>", where "<>" is replaced by the organization's proper domain.