Host Session (User Account Type)

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The Host Session account is used for hosting and joining sessions for multiple users. With this account type a user can select, besides the same options as the Join Only account, to host a new or previously saved single or multiplayer session. Also the account settings can be managed, such as the password, name and phone number. This is the most common account for the general purpose of participating in multiplayer sessions.

With this account type users can:

  • Sessions (if the owner of the project permits access):
    • Start a new session in single user mode
    • Start a new session in multi user mode
    • Join a multi user session
    • Resume saved single user session
    • Resume saves multi user session
  • Users (for own user only):
    • Edit details of own user
    • Change password of own user
  • Further access to:
    • Hardware test
    • Legal notices
    • Log out