Debug info (Water Overlay)

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This article is a stub.
Debug information as generated by a calculation of the Water Overlay.
Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Overlays (Ribbon bar) → The Water Overlay (Left panel) → General tab (Right panel) → Debug info

After the calculation completes, some additional information is tallied and output for debugging purposes. This is intended for verification that the model has computed as expected, and may provide some basic information at a glance. It is not meant as a primary tool for in-depth analysis of the results.

The following information is displayed:

Debug info
  • Total rainfall
  • Simulation time (and amount of timeframes)
  • Map size
  • Amount of cells and amount of computational timesteps
  • Amount of special hydrological areas
  • Amount of flow over weirs
  • Amount of overflow from sewers
  • Total calculation time, and the amount of GPU's used to perform the calculation
  • Total volume of water processed