UK Benchmark 6 (Water Module)

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Tygron Platform version: 2019.0.0 DEV 61.0 Date executed: 2018-07-09


  • Dimensions: 20X the values below
  • Roughness: uniform manning = 0,05 m/s1/3
  • Initiële conditions: 8m in reservoir, 0,4m in floodplain
  • Modelgrid resolution: 2m

Inundation benchmark 07.PNG


Waterlevels and profiles at the locations indicated in figure above

Inundation benchmark 08.PNG

Velocity profiles

Inundation benchmark 09.PNG


  1. Environmetal Agency (2013). Benchmarking the latest generation of 2D hydraulic modelling packages ∙ report Report – SC120002 ∙ found at: (last visited 2018-08-03)