Trucks per hour (Function Value)

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This is only relevant for roads, intersections, and bridges. This affects the visualization, and is part of the traffic model, in turn affecting the calculations for the Traffic Overlays.

The value can either by a single value, or an Attribute array of values. As a single value, this reflects the amount of vehicles per hour at any point of the day. As an Attribute array, it's assumed to be an array of 24 values, each value corresponding to each hour of the day.


  • The default values for this Function Value are based on values selected for an acceptable visualization.
  • Buildings generated during project creation can have their values overwritten based on data from INWEVA, NSL or Infomil[1][2], in that order of occurrence.

Used for

Model-specific articles


  • When considering doing traffic calculations outside The Netherlands, always provide roads with intensity values before inspecting the calculation results. Do not rely on the defaults.

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