Overlay parent panel

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Overlay buttons in the Navigation panel can be clicked to show that specific Overlay. The Parent Overlays are indicated with the yellow rectangles and the Child Overlays are visible in the Overlay parent panel, indicated with the red rectangle

The overlay parent panel is a sub-panel of the navigation panel, which provides access to overlays stored as a child under a particular parent Overlay.

This panel shows the name of the selected overlay and a low detail image of the overlay for the project area.

To select an overlay in this panel, simply click on the button of the overlay. Overlays generally have a unique icon, and you can hover over the button to see the overlay's name. When an overlay is selected, it is visualized in the 3D Visualization and an additional Overlay legend panel is opened.

This panel also provides access to the difference overlay button, which provides a difference view of an overlay, when configured so for the selected overlay.

This panel closes automatically when the mouse moves outside this panel.