Livability (Indicator)

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The livability indicator uses a metric to indicate the current livability in an area. This is determined by not only what buildings or terrain type are in that exact location, but also the surrounding area. Generally speaking, luxury, low-density housing, combined with open spaces and natural aspects are beneficial for the livability. Densely constructed, cheap buildings will be detrimental to the livability.

How is the livability visualized?

Main article: Livability (Overlay).
The Livability indicator can be visualized using an overlay. This livability overlay displays the average livability for each part of the project detail area, giving an indication of where the livability is good / bad.

Indicator targets

The livability indicator has 1 value for a target. Points given for physical appearance of a building. The higher the better. The amount of points that should be scored for the livability to be sufficient.

Indicator properties

The livability for an area depends on the type of building or terrain present in that location, as well as the surrounding area. The average of all locations is the resulting score.

This indicator scores per neighborhood. For each neighborhood, a score for livability is calculated. The score on this indicator as a whole is the average of the scores per zone.

Stakeholders with this indicator also have access to the livability overlay.