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After reading this page:

  • you've learned what the green indicator is.
  • you've learned how the green indicator functions.
  • you've learned how to set the target for the green indicator.
  • you've learned what properties the green indicator has.


Green refers to the amount of nature or natural elements created.

How is the green indicator implemented in the Tygron Platform?

The right panel with the green indicator selected.

The green indicator indicates how much green should exist per house in the 3D world. A 3D world with fewer houses will require less green than a 3D world with lots of houses. The indicator scores based on how much green in m² exists per house. The higher this value, the better.

For example, if you have 300m² of green, and 4 houses, you would have 300/4 = 75m² of green per house. If your target is 100m² green per house, you would score 75%.

Indicator targets

The green indicator has 1 value for a target.

Amount of green area in m² per house. Higher is better.
The amount of green area which should exist per house.

Indicator properties

This indicator is a global indicator. This means the indicator and its target are the same for all stakeholders.

This indicator is represented with a progress bar, representing a scale of 0 to 100% score.

This indicator functions by calculation. The total amount of green is takes and divided by the amount of houses to reach the average amount of green per house.

This indicator scores per zone. For each zone, a score for the amount of green is calculated. The score on this indicator as a whole is the average of the scores per zone.