How to import a CityGML/CityJSON file for 2D Spatial data

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CityGML files are generally associated with 3D data. But when working with CityGML files as input for 3D Visualizations or calculations, there are situations where the data from that file should also be included as other Items which are entirely 2D, such as Areas, Neighborhoods, and Terrains. In these situations, it is also possible to perform the import process for the appropriate Item type, basing the import on the same CityGML file.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Geo import (Ribbon bar)
How to import a CityGML/CityJSON file for 2d spatial data:
  1. Open the Geo data wizard
  2. As import type, choose Areas, Neighborhoods, Terrains, or Zones.
  3. Choose as import method the CityJSON/GML file option
  4. In the next step, Model Parameters, either choose any height option; it will not be used. Adjusting the minimal triangle size does influence the end result, but generally does not need to be adjusted.
  5. Select a local file or from the GeoShare. Once the file has been accepted, continue to the next step.
  6. Verify that you can see features in the View Features step, both visually as under the Feature Details.
  7. Continue stepping through the Geo data wizard depending on the chosen type in step 1.