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The 3D Web Viewer is a web interface for viewing and interacting with a Project's (active) Session via the web browser. It is based on the CesiumJS.


The 3D Viewer makes use of the 3D Tiles endpoint, available in the API, to render the same 3D Visualization as the client application. The WMS endpoint is used to obtain data regarding satellite imagery and Overlays.


The 3D web viewer allows for a subset of most-used functions available in the Viewer in the the client application:

Active Session

The 3D Web Viewer connects to an active Session on the Tygron Platform. This does not require a Tygron Client to be connected, but does require a Session to be and remain active. To keep a Session active so that the link to the 3D Web Viewer remains functional, the session should be set to Keep alive.


  • Although it is not possible to embed custom code into the 3D Web Viewer in the same way the 2D Web Viewer allows, it is possible to inject the code of the 3D Web Viewer into another webpage. One easy example for doing this would be through the use of an iframe. This allows embedding the 3D visualization in other pages and dashboards easily.


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