Active Stakeholder

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The ribbon bar with all active Stakeholders, the currently selected Stakeholder: "Amsterdam" (Municipality), and another occupied stakeholder "Company".

On the far right hand side, the ribbon bar displays all active Stakeholders for the current project. The currently selected stakeholder is displayed with a blue background. An occupied stakeholder (selected by another user) is indicated with a gray background. Available stakeholders are displayed with a white background. This stakeholder becomes available for selection again when a user switches to a different stakeholder, or logs out of the Tygron Platform.

The stakeholder buttons enable users to switch between stakeholders by selecting the corresponding button. You can only switch to a stakeholder that is active and not yet selected by another user.

The stakeholder buttons are always visible, independently of the tab currently selected in the ribbon header.

Switching Stakeholder

Switching a stakeholder is done by pressing an available stakeholder button (displayed with a white background). Keep in mind that, when switching a stakeholder you will also switch the indicators, budget and actions among others. You will make an identity switch!

How to switch to an available stakeholder:
  1. Hover over an available stakeholder in the ribbon bar.
  2. Select the hovered stakeholder.