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Select TQL queries allow users to obtain specific numerical, textual or polygonal information from the data in a session of a project. By adding various clauses to a selection statement, the query can be made more specific.

Composition of a Select Query

A Select TQL query always start using the SELECT statement for TQL provides a means of obtaining data of a session. The 'Select' statement is consists of the SELECT word followed by a selection type and the word WHERE. Depending on the selection type one or more clauses can be added. Clauses are separated with the AND word. All of these parts are separated by an underscore _.

An example of a TQL select statement is: SELECT_LOTSIZE_WHERE_CATEGORY_IS_SOCIAL_AND_STAKEHOLDERTYPE_IS_MUNICIPALITY. In this example, SELECT_LOTSIZE_WHERE is the statement. CATEGORY_IS_SOCIAL is the first clause, and STAKEHOLDERTYPE_IS_MUNICIPALITY is the second clause. It would return all the land area taken up with social housing, which is also owned by a municipal stakeholder.

Executing a Select Query

TQL Queries can be executed using:

List of Select types

Click on the link of specific Select TQL types to see what you can do with them.