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During a project session in the Tygron Platform, building states transform from one phase into another. For example; from being planned, to being permitted, to being constructed, to being ready.
The currently available states are:

State Explanation
NOTHING Default base state of the Building. Even though it can have a geometry, it is not considered to be placed in the project area.
WAITING_FOR_DATE Waiting to receive a date on which to start Building.
REQUEST_PLOT_OWNER_APPROVAL Building or Measure is planned on other Stakeholder's plot and requires approval
REQUEST_ZONING_APPROVAL Request is send to ask zoning approval.
REQUEST_CONSTRUCTION_APPROVAL Request is send to ask Building approval.
CONSTRUCTION_APPROVED Building is approved.
CONSTRUCTION_DENIED Building is denied.
PENDING_CONSTRUCTION This Building is awaiting demolition, because an upgrade is planned which will create a new Building.
CONSTRUCTING Building is being constructed
READY Building is done constructing.
PENDING_UPGRADE Building is waiting for the date to be upgraded.
WAITING_FOR_DEMOLISH_DATE Waiting to receive a date on which to start demolition.
REQUEST_DEMOLISH_ZONING_APPROVAL Building demolition requires Zoning Approval.
REQUEST_DEMOLISH_APPROVAL Request is send to ask demolition approval.
DEMOLISH_APPROVED Demolition is approved.
DEMOLISH_DENIED Demolition is denied.
PENDING_DEMOLISHING Building is waiting for the date to be demolished.
DEMOLISHING Building is being demolished.
DEMOLITION_FINISHED Demolition is finished.


A large number of these time states are not used anymore due to the removed support for timeline projects; only planning projects remain. These time states will be removed in the near future.

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