Model attributes (Watershed Overlay)

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The watershed overlay's model calculations depend on a number of calculation-wide parameters. These parameters are available as attributes of the watershed overlay and can be modified as such.

Icon Attribute Unit Description
Watershedwizard icon fill distance.png FILL_DISTANCE m Calculated discharge areas are gradually expanded to unassigned cells. This expansion stops when the indicated fill distance is reached. Optionally this expansion also stops at road cells, depending on the configured option LIMIT_ROAD.
Watershedwizard icon discharge remaining water.png DISCHARGE_REMAINING_WATER bool Create additional discharge areas for water terrains that are not connected by culverts to the general water system. Only water terrains that are larger then the configured minimal area can become independant discharge areas.
Watershedwizard icon culvert flow direction.png CULVERT_FLOW_DIRECTION bool Use culvert flow direction to limit the way discharge areas are propagated. When active and water cell A flow to cell B through a culvert, the discharge area of B is propagated to cell A when it is not yet assigned to a prioritized discharge area.
Watershedwizard icon min area.png MIN_AREA m2 A minimal area size threshold for water terrains in order to be taken into account as an independent discharge areas.
Watershedwizard icon limit road.png LIMIT_ROAD bool Whether the gradual expansion of calculated watershed to unassigned cells should stop at roads.