How to import Net Lines using a GeoJSON

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It is possible to import a GeoJSON file to add net lines to a project.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Networks (Ribbon bar) → Import GeoJSON file (Dropdown)

It is also possible to select the option of importing data in the Net wizard. In both cases, it is recommended to import all network GeoJSON files at the same time where possible: net lines, net line definitions, and net loads.

The net lines GeoJSON file should be composed of line data with the following attributes.

Attribute Description Example Remark
NAME The name of the net load. NetLoad 49
NET_TYPE The type of network this net load belongs to HEAT Note that when connecting net loads and net nodes or net lines of different network types while importing, this is considered incorrect input and behavior of the Tygron Platform will be undefined.
TYPE_ID The net line definition this net line should be based on HEAT This TYPE_ID should match the ID of one of the simultaneously imported net line definitions. Note that when no net line definition file is being uploaded in the same upload action, this attribute is ignored and the first net line definition of the appropriate net type is used. If none exist, a single net line definition is created and used for all net lines imported of the same net type.
START_NODE_ID The identifying number at one end of the net line 15 Net lines are connected at the ends where START_NODE_ID of one net line matches the START_NODE_ID or END_NODE_ID of another net line, and END_NODE_ID of one net line matches the START_NODE_ID or END_NODE_ID of another net line. Note that for the relevant ends of the net lines the coordinates should be close to one another. The START_NODE_ID and END_NODE_ID of a single net line should never be the identical. If the value is unique among all START_NODE_IDs and END_NODE_IDs the net line has an end from where no further net lines continue.
END_NODE_ID The identifying number at the other end of the net line 16

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