How to create a Project Source for a WMS

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It's possible to add output from a WMS to a Project via a WMS Overlay. This requires defining a connection to the WMS as a Project Source, and then referencing that WMS's Project Source with the WMS Overlay.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Overlays (Ribbon bar) → WMS Overlay (Left panel) → Source Select (Right panel) → Add Sources
How to create a WMS Project Source:
  1. If no WMS Overlay exists yet, add a new WMS Overlay to the Project
  2. Select the WMS Overlay, and at the "Source" entry, click on "Select". The Source Selection window will open.
  3. At the bottom of the Source Selection window, click on "Add Sources". The Project Source Wizard will open.
  4. For the import method, select either the option to add a service by url, or find a service in a Catalog Service.
  5. If the option to find a service in a Catalog Service is selected, select the Catalog to use, and then find the appropriate service in that catalog. Select it.
  6. Enter/confirm the appropriate url for the WMS as "Website URL", and enter an appropriate name for the Project Source].
  7. Finish the wizard. A Project Source has now been added which refers to the WMS.