How to create Functions

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It's possible to create new Functions based on existing Functions by duplicating an existing Function. The properties of the new Function can then be changed independently of the old Function.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Buildings (Ribbon bar) → Edit Function Values (Dropdown)

How to create a new Function through duplication:

  1. Ensure the Function you wish to duplicate is present in the Function Values window
  2. Select the Function which you want to duplicate from the list.
  3. Select "Duplicate".
  4. Find the newly created Function at the bottom of the list.


  • Duplication of Functions which already exist is currently the only way to create additional Functions.
  • A duplicated Function will have the same Function values as the Function it was based on, unless it explicitly has that Function Value set.
  • If a Function is duplicated to create an additional Function, and without setting a Function Value for the new Function, a Function Value on the old Function is changed, the new Function will reflect the new value for the Function Values set on the original Function.

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