How to (de)activate a Neighborhood per Scenario

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Editor → Multi Scenario (Ribbon tab) → Scenario (Ribbon bar) → The Scenario to edit (Left panel)
How to (de)activate Neighborhoods per scenario:
  1. Load or create a project with existing Neighborhoods in the editor
  2. From the Ribbon of the editor, select Multi-Scenario > Scenarios
  3. On the Left Panel of the Editor, select (expand) the scenario where neighborhoods need to be (de)activated
  4. On the bottom of the list the just expanded options for the selected level, select 'Events'
  5. Press the Add button below the list on the Right Panel of the editor to add a new server event.
  6. Select the event that has been added in the list above.
  7. In the Bottom Panel, select the LogicEventType NEIGHBORHOOD_SET_ATTRIBUTE.
  8. For the selected event, select the neighborhood that you want to (de)activate.
  9. Fill in the attribute ACTIVE for the Valid attribute name.
  10. Use the Attribute value 0 to deactivate and 1 to activate the neighborhood.