How to create a GeoShare Viewer with multiple timeframes

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A GeoShare Viewer allows for the sharing of geographical data, most notably the results of calculations, via an easily sharable url without requiring the recipient to have an account for the Tygron Platform. Instead, the results are presented as a web viewer.

The viewer can also show multiple timeframes, which allows sharing not just a static result but also multiple results or the progression of a simulated calculation.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Geo Import (Ribbon bar) → Geo Share (Dropdown)
How to create a GeoShare Viewer:
  1. In the Ribbon, select Overlays to show the list of all Overlays in the Project.
  2. Select the Grid Overlay the results of which you wish to share.
  3. Click on "Export Grid Data".
  4. In the prompt that appears, opt to save all timeframes to the GeoShare
  5. The GeoShare window will remain open with the saved GeoTiffs visible
  6. At the bottom of the GeoShare, click on "Add Viewer"
  7. In the prompt which appears, enter the desired name for the viewer
  8. In the next prompt, select the name of the first GeoTiff for the viewer. Note it says "(multiple frames)" behind it.
  9. The viewer can now be opened by clicking on the link. The viewer will open in the web browser.
  10. The url of the web browser can be shared by copying it from the web browser's address bar.


  • Because GeoTiffs are exported with a standardized names, the Tygron Platform is able to detect multiple frames exist. Only the first frame will be selectable and automatically imply the selection of all frames for the GeoShare Viewer.


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