How to configure a dynamic infiltration factor for a Water Overlay

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By default, the amount of water that can infiltrate into the unsaturated zone is linear. This page describes how to configure a changing infiltration over time by configuring the infiltration factor s attribute of a Water Overlay.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Overlays (Ribbon bar) → The Groundwater Overlay (Left panel) → Configuration Wizard (Right panel)
How to set a dynamic infiltration factor for a Water Overlay:
  1. Prepare a CSV file with the desired timing data for the infiltration factor s.
  2. Open the configuration wizard of the Groundwater Overlay and continue to the step concerning infiltration.
  3. Set the infiltration factor s' mode to dynamic, and select 'Select'. This will open the CSV importing tool.
  4. Select 'Import new CSV'
  5. In the lower right of the panel, adjust the import parameters of the CSV you are about to select first. This is required to interpret the file correctly.
  6. Select the CSV file with the desired timing data.
  7. The imported values now appear in the CSV importing tool. Optionally change the used time metric and verify that the data is interpreted correctly.
  8. The CSV importing tool can now be closed.
  9. Continue with the configuration wizard of the Flooding Overlay.


A dynamic infiltration factor can also be provided without a CSV. Therefore you can fill in the time and height values in the INFILTRATION_FACTOR_S attribute of the Water Overlay. Note that the time values should be in seconds if you provide an array of values this way.

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