How to add a Levee Type to an Action Menu

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Editor → Future Design (Ribbon tab) → Levees (Ribbon bar)
How to implement levees as Action:
  1. Select StakeholdersLevee Types → Add new levee Type
  2. Select the newly created levee type in the Left panel.
  3. On the right panel, change the name to something more suitable.
  4. Change the image, or upload a new image.
  5. Change or remove the top and side function of the levee.
  6. Select the check box in case the levee has a fixed size.
  7. Enter default height and width
  8. Select Stakeholders → Actions.
  9. Add a new Action Menu (if desired) and select it in the left panel.
  10. Select Assigned Actions.
  11. Add the new Levee Type to Assigned actions by marking check box on right panel