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Activated measure with a TiffSpatial and several buildings on top.

A TiffSpatial is a component of a Measure that stores spatial information on how to apply a set of GeoTIFFs to the DTM when the measure is activated. The area to which the GeoTIFFs are applied can be restricted by specifying a MultiPolygon to the TiffSpatial.

This MultiPolygon can either be:

  • Calculated automatically based on the configured GeoTIFFs for that TiffSpatial.
  • Configured manually by supplying a MultiPolygon, for example by drawing or importing.


  • You can add more than one GeoTIFF to a TiffSpatial of a measure.
  • You can manually provide a MultiPolygon to specify where the GeoTIFFs are applied.
  • No data values in a GeoTIFF are never applied to the DTM.