List of Upgrade Types

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The Upgrade Types already present in the Tygron Platform can be roughly categorized into two types: improvements and transformations. These are not defined by settings as such, but help when creating an overview of existing upgrade types. When creating your own upgrade types, you can keep in mind that upgrades can improve a building, or change a building.


Improvements retain the essential basis of the function's intent, but make it better in some respect. For example: a warehouse, upgraded with green roofs, is still a warehouse, but will be better for the water storage and livability of an area. The following improvement upgrades exist in the Tygron Platform:

  • Gardens → Water tanks
  • Parkinglots → Water-permeable
  • Roads → U-Gutter
  • Roads → High kerbstones
  • Roads → Water-permeable
  • Roads → Plant trees
  • Roads → Roads with Floodgates (sideway)
  • Roads → Roads with Floodgates (blockades, right)
  • Roads → Roads with Floodgates (blockades, left)
  • Roads → Roads with Floodgates (blockades, south)
  • Roads → Roads with Storm surge wall
  • Roads → Covered Roads
  • Roads → Covered Roads with nature
  • Buildings → Entrance Floodgates
  • Flat roof → Water roods
  • Flat roof → Green roofs
  • Flat roof → Roofgardens
  • Solar Panels
  • Houses → Renovate


Transformations change the basis of the function's intent, possibly by changing the category of the function. For example, an office building can be upgraded to be an apartment complex. The following transformative upgrades exist in the Tygron Platform:

  • Offices → Apartments
  • Offices → Shops