How to upload and use a groundwater GeoTiff (Water Overlay)

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For a Water Overlay, the watertable can be defined by a groundwater GeoTiff.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Overlays (Ribbon bar) → The Water Overlay (Left panel) → Configuration Wizard (Right panel)

How to connect a default groundwater GeoTiff to a Water Overlay:

  1. Prepare a GeoTiff file with the desired watertable depths.
  2. Open the configuration wizard of the Water Overlay.
  3. Continue to the step concerning ground water.
  4. Opt for "Select a Groundwater Depth GeoTiff".
  5. Select "Import". The "Geotiff selection" window will open.
  6. Select "Import new GeoTiff", and open your file.
  7. Select your file in the "Geotiff selection" window, and select "Apply".
  8. Close the wizard.


  • Remember that the data in the groundwater GeoTiff is expected to be the depth of the watertable, the distance between the watertable and the surface.