How to set the unit of measurement for a DXF

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When settings a geo-location for your project, and a CRS is selected that is defined with a unit of measurement in meters, the unit of measurement of the DWG or DXF has to be set to meters as well.

How to set the unit of measurement for a DWG or DXF:
  1. Open the DXF or DWG file in AutoCAD.
  2. In order to setup the units of measurement, click on the command bar in the bottom in AutoCAD and type: -DWGUNITS. This starts a mini wizard.
  3. A list of units are shown. Type 6, which select the unit meter, and press "Enter" on your keyboard.
  4. Next type Enter again, to select the default decimal numbers. Alternatively type 2.
  5. Next, type Enter again a few times, since the default selected option is generally what you want.
  6. The wizard is completed and the unit system of your project is set to meters.