How to import AutoCAD DXF files

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DWG files can be indirectly imported into a Project, by first converting them to a DXF file (the open-standard equivalent). DXF files can then be imported directly through the Geo Data Wizard, as either features in the Current Situation, or in the Future Design.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Geo import (Ribbon bar)
How to import a DWG/DXF as a future plan:
  1. If the filetype is currently DWG, use an AutoDesk application to open it and save/export it as DXF.
  2. Open the Geo Data Wizard, which will assist with importing data.
  3. When importing for the Current Situation, opt to import Buildings.
    When importing for the Future Design, opt to import Measures.
  4. Select the DXF file, either as a local file on your computer or on the Geo Share.
  5. Select the layers in the DXF file to import.
  6. Follow the remaining steps in the Geo Data Wizard to select and import the features as desired.
  7. Finish the Geo Data Wizard to finalize the data import process.


  • Layers do not need to be visible to include them in the import.
  • When importing a DXF file, features can have additional Attribute assigned to it, such as LAYER indicating the layer it belonged to, and COLOR_INDEX indicating its color (index). Also converted attributes are stored, such as COLOR, in which the feature's DXF color is converted to a Tygron Color code.