How to remove bridge heights (Water Overlay)

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Setting the height offset of all bridges to 0 to remove their impacts on the elevation model.

When there are bridges in the project area for a water calculation, their heights may be interpreted as an obstacle in the waterway they cross. For larger Projects, individual corrections may be unfeasible, so instead all bridges can have their height impacts removed at once.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Buildings (Ribbon bar) → Edit multiple attributes (Dropdown)
How to remove the height impacts of all bridges in a Project:
  1. Open the "Edit multiple attributes" screen.
  2. Set the filter to "BRIDGE"
  3. Set the attribute to change to "HEIGHT_OFFSET_M"
  4. Set the target height to 0
  5. Click "Set value". All bridges now have their height impacts removed.


  • The heights are removed by these steps, and cannot be restored automatically.
  • Graphically, the heights will lose their graphical elevation offset as well, making the bridge appear above water.

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