How to modify your project's WFS url to expose all function values

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When using the WFS endpoint from the Tygron Platform, the used URL can be modified to add additional data or filters to the data. When accessing the WFS endpoint for Buildings, the attributes of Buildings will only include the function values which are assigned to the Building itself, not any values inherited from the Building's function without its own override of that value. The url can be given an additional parameter to include all function values, including those only inherited from the Building's function.

How to allow changes in WFS data to overwrite data:
  1. Find the geographical data you wish to export and select its export option.
  2. In the export window, select the "Inherit all parent attributes" option.
  3. Select the "Copy URL" option of the Web Feature Service.
  4. The desired url is now copied on your clipboard, and can be pasted in your desired GIS application.

This will change a url of the following form, which retrieves all Buildings:

into a url of the following form, which causes all function values to be included in the output:


  • The fact that by default not all function values are included in the data is due to the amount of resulting data which would otherwise need to be sent over. In fact, some external applications run the risk of crashing due to the large amount of memory required.
  • If there are multiple edits which conflict with one another, the edits are considered processed in order that the features were initially created. Features that were created will have their edits effected first, allowing features which were created later to overwrite those edits.

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