How to import i3s scene layer in new project

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To add I3S scene layer models when you are creating a new project with the New Project Wizard, do the following:

How to Import I3S scene layers to new project:
  1. Start a new project in the Tygron Platform
  2. In the new project wizard, click on "advanced options" in the lower right of the wizard.
  3. The Advanced options menu appears.
  4. Check the "Use I3S Scenelayer for Building Geometries" box to make sure that the new project is loaded with I3S Scenelayer objects.
  5. Generate the map as usual.

When the Tygron Platform finishes loading and generating your new project the map will be populated with I3S layer models if they are available for that particular area of the map.


  • When there is no I3S scene layer data available, the Tygron Platform will generate the Buildings for your new project using the standard data that is available in the project sources.

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