How to import a measure with water

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Measures are a powerful means of setting up a future situation. Because they can encompass a large amount of individual features, importing them from pre-made Geo Data files will save a lot of time. However, such plans can sometimes contain a water component, which will require a bit more attention to import properly.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Geo import (Ribbon bar)
How to import a measure with water:
  1. Open the geo import wizard.
  2. Opt to import a measure.
  3. Select the desired datatype and precise datasource, and continue through the wizard.
  4. At the step for filtering data, if possible set up a filter such that the features of water are not included.
  5. Continue through the wizard as normal, including setting up a proper mapping between feature Attributes and Functions.
    If it was not possible to filter out the water features previously, ensure all features matching water features are of a recognizable Function which can easily be differentiated from the rest of the plan later on.
  6. Finalize and close the wizard. A Measure is now added to the Project.
  7. Go to Future Design, and then Measures, to open the list of Measures. A new Measure named "Measure" will be available.
  8. Select the newly created Measure, and change the name to an appropriate name for the plan.
  9. If it was previously not possible to filter out the water features from the import action, select all the Measure's Buildings which correspond to water features and delete them.
  10. Click on "Add Terrains" to add a Terrain element to the Measure.
  11. Select the Terrain entry, and opt to draw the outer area of the Terrain.
  12. Use the "Blueprint" drawing option, and then opt to use the wizard to set a selection. This will reopen the geo import wizard.
  13. Reselect the datatype and datasource used before, but this time apply a filter to only select features which are water.
  14. Continue through the wizard and finish it. The water features from the plan will be added as a pending selection to the current drawing action for the Water Terrain.
  15. Click on "Apply selection" to confirm the outer edge of the Water Terrain.
  16. Opt to draw the inner area of the Terrain.
  17. Create a selection which overlaps with all the outer area selected previously, and apply the selection.
  18. Set the relative height change of the terrain to a sensible water depth.
  19. The Measure now consists of both the imported Buildings and the water feature(s).