How to import 3D BAG data

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The 3D BAG data is created by the 3D geoinformation research group, TU Delft. This dataset contains 3D models of the BAG data in different LoDs.

This 3D dataset can be imported in a Project as a replacement for the usual, 2D polygon-based Buildings, even after a Project has already been created.

How to import 3D BAG data:
  1. Go to the download page of the 3D BAG data: and click on Pick a tile.
  2. Select the tile you wish to download and then choose the CityJSON file format for the tile.
  3. In your Tygron Platform Project, open the Geo data wizard
  4. For Import Type, opt to import Buildings.
  5. Choose in step 1.1 for Use Terrain Elevation to place the 3D models on top of the terrain.
  6. Choose as import method the CityJSON/GML file option and select the file.
  7. In step 4, select the last option to update the 3D model of existing Buildings. With this option only the model will be updated, but the attributes and function will be kept. Finish the wizard.
  8. The 3D BAG buildings are now imported in the project.

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