How to create a GIF animation

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Animation of a 100 timeframe flooding with a duration of 5 seconds, a frame step of 10 and a scale of 12.5%

Editor → Tools (Ribbon tab) → Screenshot (Ribbon bar)
How to create a GIF animation:
  1. Select the Overlay from which you want to create a GIF
  2. Select in the editor Tools from the ribbon
  3. Click on the Screenshot button to open the Screenshot panel.
  4. Select the option Overlay Animation (GIF) for the type option.
  5. Select HD Overlay when taking a screenshot of an overlay and you want a higher resolution (less gritty) overlay.
  6. Optionally adjust the duration of the animation with the GIF (sec) option.
  7. Make the animation file smaller by adjusting the Scale option.
  8. Make the animation faster by adjusting the frame step size. This causes frames to skip.
  9. Adjust the starting or ending frame to zoom in on a part of the overlay's animation.
  10. Finally, select the loop options to continuously repeat the resulting animation.

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