How to add a WMS as an WMS Overlay

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The data from a WMS can be imported into the Tygron Platform as an WMS Overlay.

To import the data from the WMS, hover over the overlays button and choose the add Image overlay.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Overlays (Ribbon bar)

A new overlay (named WMS Overlay) is added. Click on the right side on the Configuration Wizard. See below for the steps to follow in the Configuration Wizard.

How to insert a WMS into the Tygron Platform:
  1. Add an WMS Overlay from the Overlays menu
  2. Click on the right side on the Configuration Wizard button
  3. Select the option Import from a Web Map Service
  4. Click on Add a new Map Service
  5. Choose a name for the WMS
  6. Choose a Service Type
  7. Provide the URL of the WMS (the GetCapabilities part can be omitted)
  8. Choose the dataset (layer) you want to view
  9. Choose additional color channels to view as Child Overlays
  10. Finish the wizard


  • The WMS must conform to the following requirement before it can be loaded properly into the Tygron Platform: the WMS must have PNG as output format.


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