How to add a Levee Spatial to a Measure

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Editor → Future Design (Ribbon tab) → Measures (Ribbon bar) → Add spatial Measure (Left panel)
How to implement levees as predefined Measure:
  1. Select Stakeholders → Measures → Add Spatial Measure
  2. Open the MeasureSpatials entry
  3. Select the WATER 1 (default) entry
  4. On the right panel, select LEVEE as type from the drop down menu on the right panel
  5. Set relative and absolute height on the right panel
  6. Use brush panel to draw Outer Area, and apply
  7. Use brush panel to draw Inner Area, and apply
  8. Select Stakeholders → Actions
  9. Add new action (if desired)
  10. Select Assigned Actions
  11. Add new Measure to Assigned Actions on the right panel
Main article: Measures.