How to access your project's WFS in QGIS

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The Tygron Platform allows you to access geographical features through a WFS endpoint, making the data available to view and edit via other GIS application.

How to access the WFS of your project in QGIS:
  1. Select the export option of the geo data source you wish to access.
  2. For the export option "Web Feature Service", select "Copy URL". This will store the URL on your clipboard.
  3. Open QGIS.
  4. Add a WFS Layer.
  5. Add a new server connection.
  6. As URL for the server connection, paste the URL copied to the clipboard earlier.
  7. Save the connection.
  8. Connect to the newly created connection.
  9. Select the desired dataset.
  10. Select "Add" to add the features as a new layer to your QGIS project.


  • The instructions listed here specify QGIS, but other GIS applications support the WFS standard as well.
  • The WFS is currently only available when a project is active in the editor.
  • The WFS url includes an authentication token which ties the validity of the url to a specific session. If the editing session is closed and reopen at a later time, the url will need to be renewed.