How to export an Object output attribute as measurement

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How to export an Object output attribute as measurement:
  1. Click on a Water Overlay
  2. Open the Measuring tool
  3. Select the Hydraulic structure of which you want to export the OBJECT_FLOW_OUTPUT attribute and note that you will see the values in a graph in the Measuring tool.
  4. Click multiple times on the structure until you see the output attribute that you want to export.
  5. Click on the plus icon to save this Measurement
  6. Then go to the Current situation tab, hover over TQL queries and select Export Geo Data
  7. Select the corresponding Water Overlay and the Comma Separated Value for the export format
  8. Click on Export File. Now the CSV file is downloaded


  • By clicking consecutively on the hydraulic structure, you can cycle through all output attributes.


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