Version 2024.5.0

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Version 2024.5.0 is released on on October 27th 2023.

Project Loading

  • Improved elevation map loading for extreme resolutions, e.g. 10cm.
  • Fix elevation artifact in water (squares visible).
  • Basic map is now available for all domains.


  • Ground Water: Added prequels for CONDUCTIVITY and BOTTOM_DISTANCE.
  • Heat: Added prequels for BUILDING_ELEVATION and TERRAIN_ELEVATION.
  • Improved Overlay Overview panel.
  • Bugfix for extreme values in Waterwijzer landbouw.
  • Improved feedback on edited Attributes with option to revert to default.
  • Added support for importing GeoTIFF larger then 2 billion cells in project.


  • Documented Indicator's exact score and exact text options
  • Fixed issues with displayed indicator scores and explanations (Current and Maquette)


  • Areas can now more easily be (de)activated by Measures.
  • Improved API by removing sometimes useless domain argument.
  • Improved visualization of roof models.
  • Improved uncommitted map selection in Editor.
  • Added Geo Plugin function color to DXF export.
  • 3D web-viewer supports cinematics via action menu event bundles.
  • Keep-alive is now by default enabled for new projects.
  • Improved UX by adding primary and secondary buttons.
  • Fixed some overstretched panels in the viewer UI
  • Based on Java 21 LTS for increased performance, security and stability.
  • Fixed issue in GeoShare Viewers where some polygonal features were missing.
  • Several smaller bug fixes and WIKI updates.