Version 2024.3.0

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Version 2024.3.0 is released on on September 1th 2023.


  • Improved Heat Overlay that calculates faster and larger areas.
  • Maximum shadow length is also increased for large buildings.
  • Added micro relief to Water Overlay.
  • Added layers as timeframe to WMS and WCS Overlays.
  • WMS Overlay supports extracting the grid values from a GeoShare WMS.

Web viewer

  • Now supports texture for trees.
  • Improved sun positioning and shadows.
  • Support for textures on custom models (e.g. citygml or i3s).
  • All settings are editable from Web Settings panel.


  • Improved CityGML support (including Normals, Solids and CompositeSurfaces).
  • New TQL Query panel.
  • NSL Traffic day to hour value can be adjusted.
  • Added option to set min/max Tree Height and fix for bushes.
  • Improved GeoJSON file drop in Project Area Selection panel.
  • Updated BRP Crop codes for 2023.
  • Bugfix for invalid attribute values in Geo Import Wizard.
  • Bugfix: Prevent double editing with read-only projects.
  • Bugfix: Prevent creating a Project when Template is still loading in background.
  • Bugfix for a Water Breach internal input area in combination with water level area.
  • Only show active sources in Source Overlay selection panel.
  • Added SET_ATTRIBUTES and APPEND_ATTRIBUTE to all Attribute Items.
  • Several smaller bug fixes and WIKI updates.