Version 2024.1.0

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Version 2024.1.0 is released on on May 26th 2023.

3D Tiles

  • New 3D Map viewer based on Cesium, accessible via Tools.
  • New 3D Tiles endpoint in the API (web/3dtiles/tileset.json).
  • New elevation endpoint in API (api/session/elevation.html) for web clients.


  • Added SURFACE_LAST_FLOW overlay for approximation of Q in waterways.
  • Bugfix for SURFACE_FLOW overlay in long running calculations.
  • Bugfix in water object measurement tool.


  • Improved WMS rendering speed.
  • Added attribute support for GeoPlugins in Geo Wizard.
  • No longer possible to set Client Zoomlevels active via the API.
  • Added security warning when accessing a Viewer with an API token.
  • Several smaller bug fixes and WIKI updates.