Version 2023.7.5

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Version 2023.7.5 is released on on March 27th 2023.


  • Improved DXF exporter with full polygon support.
  • Add option to GeoPlugins for downloading a DXF Reference File.
  • Dragging a GeoJSON into the project selection is stored.
  • Added variable margin around "Area of Interest".


  • Indicator activation is now independent from Scenarios.
  • Scenarios can be duplicated just like other items.
  • Bugfix for Network flow and Cinematics at start of Scenario.


  • Added isActive boolean to Indicator endpoint, replaces deprecated active map.
  • Editor/START_MAP_CREATION has "optional" additional value to set the area of interest.
  • Editor/START_MAP_CREATION has option to change the CRS to something else then default EPSG 3857.
  • Location endpoint has new version with additional information, defaults to old info.


  • Improved user feedback in GeoPlugin configuration.
  • Fixed some scaling issues and updated 4K mouse icons.
  • Bugfix for missing function attribute export.
  • Integrated TQL documentation in Query Panel.
  • Several smaller bug fixes and WIKI updates.