Version 2023.6.0

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Version LTS 2023.6.0 is released on on March 3th 2023.


  • Complete new OpenGL 3D Viewport for the Client with integrated interface.
  • Mouse interaction is now more aligned with other 3D software products.
  • Added switching to Free Camera mode to navigation panel.
  • Support for HD Display scaling.


  • Support for import/export of Autocad DXF files.
  • Automatic data mapping via Geo Plugins.
  • New "Public Share", allows users to share content between domains.
  • GeoShare has own WFS and WMS services.


  • Improved Breach configuration (e.g. measurement point).
  • More object attributes can be queried (e.g. flow).
  • Water area amount increased from 100 to 32.000.


  • Support for larger maps: 60x60KM with more grid cells.
  • New Tree visualization system based on LOD levels.
  • Security new options in security policy panel and extended logs.
  • Deprecated: Timeline simulations and Admin and Beamer apps.
  • Several smaller bug fixes and WIKI updates.